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Fault phenomenon 1:

When the card close to the card reader, can hear the sound "di di" , but can not open the barrier gate,Chinese language display shows " invalid card".

The possible reasons:

① The card is invalid card (no issue, authorized card);

② The up brake control line between the barrier gate and the card  reader is not connected correctly or not connected.

③ The card reader already in the computer control state (control switch has short circuit), the parking lot monitoring didn't open.

Fault phenomenon 2:

When the card close to the card reader, the buzzer sounds, no reaction on Chinese language display , can't see the card number in the software monitoring interface (card reader communicates unnormal with computer ).

The possible reasons:

①The wire between controller and computer is not connected properly;

②Serial port which set in the software is different with the actual using serial port.

Fault phenomenon 3:

Press the〖barrier gate open〗button , can’t open the barrier gate , but use manual button can open it.

The possible reasons:

①"control switch" inside the card reader  isn’t short circuit (It is disconnected and in offline working status ex factory,  when connect network with computer, should be short circuit and in online status);

②The computer and the card reader can not communicate normally, the controller can’t receive opening command. (check the computer serial port connection whether it is normal,  if the parameter setting is correct)

Fault phenomenon 4:

Vehicle passed ,barrier gate can’t be closed.

The possible reasons:

①The loop detector wasn’t planted correct or the loop was destroyed and broken.

 Power of vehicle detector is lacking (Max250mA) or induction sensitivity adjustment inappropriate (too high or too low)

③The”COM”terminal of the loop detector and the”GND” terminal of barrier gate controller was disconnected or not connection well.

Fault phenomenon 5

With image contrast function, but enter the parking lot monitoring interface can’t look image.

The possible reasons:

Incorrect installation of the video card ( Such as incorrect installation of the drivers )

②No power on camera or the incorrect connection between the camera and video card

③Incorrect setting of the parking lot software (such as no image selection at entrance and exit .

Fault phenomenon 6

Card dispenser can’t issue the card ( After vehicle have detected and “ take card” button pressed , there’s no reaction of the card dispenser or have reaction but no card out)

The possible reasons:

①After press  the button “ take card” , the card dispenser has no reaction , maybe no card put in card dispenser or no power on (disconnection of the power plug )

②After press  the button “ take card” , the card dispenser has  reaction but can’t issue the card,maybe the space of the card slot is too small, the card was stuck and can’t be out.

Fault phenomenon7

The Chinese language display can’t show.

The possible reasons:

The power supply of Chinese language display isn’t well connected , the power supply is broken.

Fault phenomenon8

Reading on the card reader of entrance & exit , the card number transmitted to the computer sometimes it is correct ( can open) ,sometimes can’t open.

The possible reasons:

①The circuit meets strong interference (Such as plant the communication cable and the AC power cable in same pipeline)

②The distance is too long, over the valid communication distance(200M), serious signal attenuation

③Short circuit between the Card reader control board ground terminal and the AC power supply ground terminal , cause the communication interference.

Fault phenomenon9

Click “time adjustment “ on the parking lot entrance monitoring interface , first showing “ Success Adjustment” , then indicated “ communication fault / failture “ ( After inspection , all the hardware equipment is good )

The possible reasons:

①The circuit meets strong interference (Such as plant the communication cable and the AC power cable in same pipeline)

②Network expansion is damaged, the input / output signal distortion

③In software setting, communication time delay set too low ( normally the lowest is 200ms), too low can cause communication failture